Cuisine: Mexican

Jalapeno Glazed Lamb Ribs

Jalapeño-Glazed Spare Ribs

A little spice jazzes up basic lamb spare ribs.

Lamb Posole

Lamb Posole

The traditional Mexican flavors of cilantro, chiles, oregano, jalapeño, and posole come together for a decidedly south-of-the-border lamb shank dish.

Mexican BBQ Lamb Steaks

Mexican Barbecued Lamb Steaks

These flavor-packed lamb steaks will add a punch to your next barbeque.

Grilled Lamb Fajitas

Grilled Lamb Fajitas

The flavor of lamb is so versatile you can add it to any cuisine; here, it pairs with Mexican flavors for a tempting fajita.

Lamb Empadillas

Lamb Empanadillas

These savory empanadillas, a Puerto Rican meat pie similar to the empanada, are stuffed with delicious ground lamb.