Our Commitment to the American Lamb Industry

Superior Farms is committed to protecting the base of American lamb consumers for our industry and are doing our part to ensure our industry’s continued growth.  We know many producers within our industry are concerned over the recent bankruptcy of Mountain States Rosen and the closing of its Greeley, Colo. plant. During this period, it’s important to remember that the American Lamb industry is still strong and growing. It is vital that the most critical players in this supply chain – the hardworking ranchers, families and multigenerational operators raising their flocks, have a market for their lambs and a path to prosperity as we look to the future.

Rick Stott, president and CEO of Superior Farms stated, “We recognize the impact of the Mountain States Rosen bankruptcy and COVID-19 upon our industry.  While difficult in the short term, we are very optimistic that we can work through these challenges together to become a stronger industry that can increase the market share of American lamb and deliver a premium product to our consumers.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly impacted our industry with the loss of foodservice demand, consumer purchasing behaviors have shifted and are showing positive signs of increased consumption of American Lamb through grocery retail.  We are encouraged by the enthusiastic response from first time consumers of American lamb who are returning to repeat those purchases.  Through our consumer communication efforts we continue to educate and inspire consumers to enjoy American lamb on a regular basis.

As the largest processor of American Lamb, we are continuing to aggressively invest in our facilities in order to increase production capacity and throughput at our Dixon, Calif. and Denver, Colo. plants.  The upgrades being made at these plants will significantly increase our retail processing capability.  While the demand has stretched our production teams, we are working hard  to provide a continuity of supply to existing retail and foodservice American lamb customers.

At Superior Farms, we want to do all we can to help American Lamb producers achieve stability and certainty. Through livestock pricing programs and pioneering tools like Flock54 genetic testing we strive to help producers maintain higher levels of efficiency and profitability.   For our customers and consumers we are dedicated to providing the best value through a superior eating experience and through innovative new products that make serving lamb delicious and easy.  This is all done in the true spirit of partnership and to help cement a thriving future for all those who are part of the American Lamb industry.

Isaacs and Lauwers Join Superior Farms Livestock Team

Superior Farms is pleased to announce the hiring of Karissa Isaacs and Cameron Lauwers.  Isaacs will lead the outreach and development of producer programs as the Director of Producer Resources.  Cameron Lauwers will procure livestock as the Livestock Buyer for the Dixon facility. These individuals will be valuable assets to the Livestock team and the continued betterment of the American lamb industry.

Isaacs grew up in the sheep industry and focused her education and career in lamb quality.  While pursuing her Master’s degree she worked on numerous lamb quality projects including her thesis on Differentiating Flavor Differences in American Lamb and the 2016 National Lamb Quality Audit. Her vast knowledge of the industry as part of a multi-generation sheep ranching family, and her recent work for the American Lamb Board makes her an excellent fit for the position.   In her role at Superior Farms, she serves as the direct point of contact for the company’s producer and feeder partners. Isaacs will be managing the Flock54 genetics program in addition to continuing the development of producer programs focusing on farm efficiencies.

Lauwers comes to Superior Farms with many years of experience running a 600 head intensive-accelerated sheep operation, managing a 3,200 acre alfalfa and wheat farm in east central Michigan and served as a board member of the Michigan Sheep Producers.  His extensive background in the sheep industry makes him a great fit with the livestock team.  Cameron will be responsible for procuring livestock for the Dixon facility and working with producers throughout the West.

Superior Farms is very fortunate to have found such a strong candidates to fill these integral roles in the organization.

To contact Karissa and Cameron:

Karissa Isaacs – karissa.isaacs@bobm136.sg-host.com

Cameron Lauwers – cameron.lauwers@bobm136.sg-host.com