Lebanese Seasoned Smoked Lamb Shoulder with NYC White Sauce


June 16, 2022

Recipe provided by Pig Beach | Barbecue Restaurant in NY & FL (pigbeachnyc.com), courtesy of the American Lamb Board (Lebanese Seasoned Smoked Lamb Shoulder with NYC White Sauce | American Lamb).

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 8 hrs


1 Bone in lamb shoulder

1/4 cup Vegetable Oil

1 cup Lebanese Seasoning

1 cup NYC white sauce

Lebanese Seasoning

3/4 cup Zaatar

1/4 cup Greek seasoning blend

NYC White Sauce

3/4 cup Hellman's Mayo

1/2 cup Labne or plain Greek yogurt

2 tbsp White distilled vinegar

1 tsp French lemon juice

1 tsp Ground black pepper

1 tsp Kosher salt

1 tsp Granulated sugar

1/2 tsp Dried dill

1/2 tsp Granulated garlic

Greek Seasoning Blend

6 tbsp Sweet paprika

1/4 cup Kosher salt

1/4 cup Crushed Oregano

2 tbsp Granulated onion

2 tbsp Granulated garlic

1 tbsp Ground black pepper

1 tbsp Course ground coriander

1 tsp Chili powder

1 tsp Mustard powder

1 tsp Dried thyme

1 tsp Course ground celery seed

1 tsp Course ground dried rosemary

1/2 tsp Ground cinnamon

1/4 tsp Ground allspice


1Smoked Lamb Shoulder: Remove the bone In lamb shoulder from the packaging and pat dry. Coat the entire lamb shoulder with vegetable oil (This will assist in having the seasoning stick) then generously season the entire lamb shoulder with the Lebanese seasoning. Allow the lamb to sit at room temperature with the seasoning for 15-20 minutes. While the lamb shoulder is marinating preheat your smoker to 250 degrees with cherry wood. Once your smoker reaches temp place the lamb on the rack away from the heat source and cook for approximately 4 hours. After 4 hours wrap the lamb shoulder with plastic wrap first then heavy duty aluminum foil and return it to the smoker for an additional 4 hours or until the internal temperature reaches between. 198-203 degrees Fahrenheit.

2Once the lamb reaches the desired temperature remove it from the smoker and allow it to rest in a cooler or a warm place for at least 30 minutes to an hour before pulling. Once the lamb shoulder has rested, transfer it to a large aluminum pan then remove it from the plastic wrap & foil (The pan is to catch all the delicious juices). Remove the bones from the lamb shoulder and discard, then pull or chop the remaining lamb meat. Mix the pulled meat with all the natural drippings from the pan and serve with a generous drizzle of NYC White Sauce, and garnish with some lemon wedges and serve.

3Lebanese Seasoning: Combine ingredients in a small mixing bowl. Transfer to an airtight container and store in your pantry until ready to use.

4Greek Seasoning Blend: Combine all ingredients for the seasoning and mix thoroughly. Transfer to airtight container and sore in your pantry until ready to use.

5NYC White Sauce: Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and whisk to combine. Transfer to an airtight container and refrigerate until ready to use.