Zesty Italian Herb Grilled American Lamb Kabobs


June 21, 2022

Recipe provided by Zesty Italian Herb Grilled Lamb Kabobs - Beautiful Eats & Things (beautifuleatsandthings.com), courtesy of the American Lamb Board (Zesty Italian Herb Grilled American Lamb Kabobs | American Lamb).

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2 1/2 lbs Boneless American lamb shoulder, cut into pieces

4 Zucchinis, sliced

3 Purple onion, coarsely chopped

4 Yellow squash, sliced

16 Whole mushrooms

2 Red bell peppers, chopped

2 Green bell peppers, chopped

1/2 cup Zesty Italian dressing

1 tbsp Olive oil

2 tbsp Garlic powder

1 tsp Cayenne pepper

Salt & pepper, to taste

Wooden skewers


1Prepare and heat charcoal or gas grill to medium-high heat.

2In a large bowl, whisk together zesty Italian dressing, olive oil, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and salt/pepper. Add lamb and vegetables and toss until all ingredients are combined. Cover and set aside for about 20 minutes.

3Arrange ingredients on skewers and place on grill. Cook for approximately 15 minutes, or until desired doneness is achieved.