Online Promotion Turns Into Donation For Young Sheep Producers

December 21, 2016 (Sacramento, CA) – After thoughtful consideration of recipients, Superior Farms is donating $1,000 to the Young Producer Tri Lamb group, which will go through the American Lamb Board. The donation comes from an online program over the summer, where Facebook Fans would like, share or comment on a post. Superior agreed to match a $1 per engagement up to the $1,000 amount.

That particular post got 736 “likes” and 276 “shares”. It was part of a larger campaign during the summer named Lamb OMG (On My Grill) that was encouraging engagement on Facebook and encouraging consumers to grill lamb.

“Most of our posts for this promotion were geared toward consumer contests, but it made sense for us to add a rancher element to the mix,” said Angela Gentry, Marketing Director for Superior. “We are proud to be working with some amazing and progressive sheep ranchers across the country, who are doing all the right things – regenerative grazing, humane handling, and truly working every day to create a sustainable future for the sheep industry. It makes us feel good to give a little back.”

The Young Producer Tri-Lamb group was formed in 2016 by the American Lamb Board (ALB). It includes 4 young American lamb producers that travelled to Australia and New Zealand earlier this year to learn more about the industry from a global perspective. In 2017 the US producers will host producers from Australia and New Zealand and they will travel across the United States touring sheep farms/ranches and lamb industry businesses, including Superior Farms – Dixon. The goal of this group is to allow the producers from the 3 countries to learn from one another to further enhance the sheep industry in each of their respective home countries.

“These producers are the future leaders of the American sheep industry,” said Lesa Eidman, Director of Producer Resources and Sustainability. “Supporting this group financially in its inaugural year is a great opportunity to support their goals of improving and enhancing the sheep and lamb industry in the United States.”


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