Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is more than something Superior Farms does. It’s part of who we’ve been for over fifty years, and will be for the next fifty.

Our sustainable practices begin in the pasture and extend through every part of our business, including animal care, food quality and community support. 

We’re proud of our efforts to lead the industry in ways that are responsible, humane and empowering. 

Take a closer look…

Solar energy wind turbine


Energy Usage

Superior Farms Dixon California Sustainable Energy

Our Dixon, California plant activated a state of the art solar system that, combined with the existing wind turbine, provides 95% of the energy requirements from clean energy sources.

Overall, the company has reduced its use of electricity by 28% and the natural gas usage by 54%. These savings are due to recent installation of more efficient equipment, reducing its dependence upon fossil fuels and production of greenhouse gasses.

Water Usage

Reduced water usage

Our Dixon, California plant has reduced its use of water by 33%. That savings equals the amount of water used by more than 130 households annually. Water used at our California facility goes through a series of ponds, gets filtered and helps irrigate neighboring fields where sheep graze.

Transportation Improvements

Eliminating truck routes to reduce fuel usage

Since 2015, the company has reduced its use of diesel fuel by over 140,000 gallons per year. This has been achieved through improving efficiencies of truck routes and use of rail.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Vacuum Skin Packaging to reduce use of plastics

Vacuum skin packaging (VSP) reduces our use of plastics by 1/3. Also eliminates the need for re-packaging product when it arrives at retail stores.

This packaging technology has helped our customers minimize food waste by reducing the amount of product thrown away by up to 2/3. The VSP packaging better protects food and allows for longer shelf life which results in less waste.


American lamb is up to ten thousand miles fresher than imported

Buying American lamb supports local, rural communities, American farming families and reduces the environmental impact of shipping imported lamb thousands of miles.

Grazing Benefits

Superior Farms works with over 1,000 family farms throughout the United States who graze their lambs on pastures, receiving excellent nutrition while providing benefits to the land through fertilization, erosion mitigation and wild fire suppression.

Regenerative Grazing – Many sheep producers work with other crop farmers by bringing sheep onto fields after crops have been harvested. The lambs eat naturally enriched crops while boosting the level of organic matter in the soil, making it more fertile and lowering carbon emissions by reducing the amount of tractor time on the field.

Low Carbon Footprint Vineyards – In Northern California, producers contract with vineyards where lambs graze on grasses and weeds. Sheep keep insects at bay by turning and fertilizing the soil. This reduces the use of pesticides and fossil fuel burning equipment such as tractors and mowers. These lambs also trim the leaves from vines improving the productivity of the vineyards.

Saving our National Forests and Public Lands – About two thirds of land in the United States used for grazing is “marginal” meaning that it is not suitable for growing crops. This land is optimal for animals like sheep to graze because their presence improves these lands by stimulating plant growth, reducing weeds, creating fertilizer, mitigating wild fires, and reducing water runoff.

Wool Benefits

An average sheep in the US produces 7 pounds of wool annually which amounts to 27 million pounds of wool. Wool is an efficient insulator, biodegradable, naturally water resistant and easily cleaned.

Sheep grazing in vineyard regenerative grazing


Animal Health

​Superior Farms works closely with our producer partners to improve the health and productivity of their flocks. We developed a specially designed probiotic paste that can be given to new born lambs that helps them to thrive maintain good health.

Flock 54(SM) is Superior Farms’ parentage and genetic testing tool that enables our ranching partners to raise healthy lambs more efficiently and sustainably.

​Humane Handling


Temple Grandin of Colorado State University provided significant input in the design and operation of our facilities to ensure proper handling. Our Dixon, California facility was featured in the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) Glass Walls project as the example of a well-run processing facility.



Superior Farms innovative packaging

RDIF livestock tracking

No Use of Added Hormones

​No lambs raised in the United States receive added hormones.

BRC Audits

​Our facilities have consistently received A or AA grades in BRC audits. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) audit is one of the most stringent food safety and quality audits conducted in the industry.

USDA Inspections

​Superior Farms’ processing facilities always have USDA inspectors in the plants partnering with our teams to validate that operations are in compliance with government regulations and to help us make sure that we consistently provide the highest quality products.

Camera Grading

​Our Dixon facility has a state of the art camera grading system that provides a high level of detail on each lamb processed. Our producers use that data to make more informed decisions about breeding and feeding that impact the quality of the lamb that we are able to bring to market.

​New Product Roadmap

Innovative product roadmap

Superior Farms continues to create more ways for people to enjoy American lamb. By offering pre-cooked foods, pre-seasoned meats and other value-added items, we’ve made it even easier for chefs, restaurants and retailers to serve lamb to more consumers. This helps grow our business and further sustains our industry.


Employee Ownership

One hundred percent employee owned

Superior Farms is proud to be 100% employee owned. This provides a dedicated, highly skilled workforce committed to customer satisfaction because they have a stake in the company’s success.

​Superior Farms’ has committed to the goal of providing each employee owner with the ability to retire in a similar economic status that they have enjoyed during their career through resources that include ESOP shares, 401(k) matching contributions, and government retirement funds.

​Supporting our Local Family Farmers

Long term contracts ensure that Superior Farms will purchase a producer’s lambs over the life of the contract. Producers are able to use that to secure financing to grow their operation.

​Superior Farms provides a ewe loan program for young producers to grow their flock. When combined with a long-term contract it provides a sustainable foundation to start a financially viable sheep operation.

​Supporting Our Communities

The Noh Family

The positive economic impact that Superior Farms has upon the communities in which we operate equals over $171 million. This benefits communities where we operate in California, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa and Massachusetts.

​In 2018, Superior Farms participated in 51 state and county fairs’ junior livestock auctions. Between 2011 and 2019, Superior Farms processed more than 50,000 lambs and goats from fairs. We are an important partner to programs that support youth in agriculture like 4H and FFA that help create the next generation of farmers and ranchers for our country.

​Over 150 tours are provided annually through our packing plants. These tours are beneficial in educating people on how food is actually processed to go from the farm to their table.