Farmer's Mark new branding

Superior Farms Announces new Farmer’s Mark brand and Sets New Antibiotic Goals

Superior Farms announced today the introduction of Farmer’s Mark American Lamb.  This new brand is sourced from lambs that are 100% free of antibiotics and added hormones.

The company has also set a goal of reaching antibiotic free status for at least 50% of all lambs purchased by 2020.  The company sources lambs from more than one thousand family farms and ranches across the United States and is dedicated to working with these farms to meet this new goal.

Currently, 25% of the lambs purchased by Superior Farms qualify as antibiotic free.  The company started the antibiotic program in 2006 and has seen incremental growth in the program since its inception.  This growth is due in large part to increase consumer demand for antibiotic free foods.  Superior Farms has worked with its producer community in order to increase the number of lambs that will qualify for the antibiotic free Farmer’s Mark brand.

Anders Hemphill, Vice President of Marketing and Brand Strategy said, “We’re excited to offer this new brand to our consumers who want to know more about how their food is produced and are looking for antibiotic free products to serve to their families.”

In order to qualify for the program lambs must not have received any antibiotics or ionophores which includes all human medically important antibiotics.    

Superior Farms is committed to the responsible use of antibiotics.  “If lambs fall sick, producers are responsible to properly care for the animal and to bring them back to health following their proactive herd health program,” said Lesa Eidman, Superior Farms Director of Producer Relations.  “If a lamb needs antibiotic treatment we encourage producers to treat them back to health, and to identify that lamb in order for it to be traced so that it doesn’t qualify for this program, and the withdrawal period is met.”

Superior Farms is proud to be an employee owned company working with American family farms to provide the best quality lamb to American consumers.